Wednesday, January 26, 2011

You Be the Critic - What the Hell Was Their Point?

This morning on the Matt and Crank Show, while promoting a contest where the winner who texted in their most awkward moment would win tickets to ski trip, Matt talked about awkward moments for White people and elaborated how Blacks and other races didn't experience awkward moments.  A White "on Chinese" or a White "on Black" - awkward for the White, but not for the Black or Chinese.

We know that people experience awkward moments and that experience is not dependent on one's race.  This critic and friends are still scratching their heads over this one, though.  Just what the Hell was their point?

As a long time listener of WZBH, it has become apparent that the DJs, and particularly Matt and Crank, view the world as White, heterosexual, Christian male and then there's everyone else.  Everyone else is open to ridicule.  We're still debating whether the segment was a statement about White guilt, their perception of less than human other races who are incapable of feeling awkward in an awkward moment, or just adolescent chatter about much of nothing to kill some air time.

So you be the critic.  Just what the Hell was their point?

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