Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Refreshing change in in WZBH programming

Last night, WZBH Critics Page listened to about an hour each of the early evening show hosted by Chris Steele and Lights Out with JJ. 

Chris Steele didn't steer clear of controversial commentary.  He dove head first into a commentary on the rising gas prices.  He quite effectively expressed the frustrations many people feel with the rising gas prices, government ineffectiveness, and the powerlessness of the average American to do anything about it.  Steele proved one can tackle controversial political speech without singling out a group of people based on their race, ethnicity, sex, religion, national origin, sexual orientation, or physical disability for blame or ridicule.

JJ contributed his nightly dumbass report.  Usually his dumbass reports are entertaining and makes the listener shake his/her head in disbelief.  Last night was no exception as we learned of an argument over french fries that led to a shooting.  If any criticism were to be leveled, it would be JJ's use of the phrase "nightly dumbass".  "Dumbass" carries with it a small degree of affection.  When your friend does something stupid, he's a dumbass.  When your kids do something stupid, they're dumbasses.  When a stranger does something stupid, they're idiots.

Unfortunately, during both shows, a promo clip from the Matt and Crank Show originally aired earlier in the morning was played.  Each time, Crank had the opportunity to once again remind listeners that scientists in Japan are trying to clone a mammoth because "They're Japanese.  They have no scruples."  The fact the scientists are Japanese has no bearing on the level of scruples they may or may not possess.

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