Monday, January 19, 2015

Nothing like being treated to dead air

Wow, 45 minutes, sister station 98.5 Big Classic Rock was dead air save for two, 30-second commercials.  We wanted to know who now owns the Great Scott radio cluster - Adams Radio or Great Scott Broadcasting.  Great Scott Broadcasting still claims ownership, but then again, their website still shows Sarah as a DJ.  Contact information over at WZBH takes you to the Great Scott Broadcasting website.  Big Classic Rock's website still claims to be owned by Great Scott Broadcasting.  Over at Big Classic Rock, there's only one DJ, Adam.  He must be overworked because the operations manager (that's Crank) apparently doesn't give a damn and no one knows who really owns the stations.

And that's why we were treated to 45 minutes of dead air, tonight.  Must be a lot of drunk rednecks running the show....

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