Monday, January 24, 2011

Crank enthralls us with another anti-gay lesson

Just as JJ's off-hand comment about a bunch of guys watching porn must've been "awkward" presents a problematic commentary, this morning on the Matt and Crank Sho, Crank offered more of the same.  While talking about football and the Ravens, Matt made the observation that with the Ravens' recent loss, he was left with an empty feeling like one gets when they break up with their girlfriend.  He said after breaking up, you have no interest in girls and, as a "defense mechanism", you might consider becoming gay or going the "dude route".  Crank immediately chimed in that being an eunoch or asexual or would be a better choice and he just couldn't handle the "dude route". 

This is actually more than just a problematic exchange.  The message delivered clearly was an anti-gay message.  First, one doesn't choose to become gay.  Second, there is nothing wrong with being gay so there is nothing to "handle" about it.  What is it with WZBH's DJs that they can't go a day without making an anti-gay remark?  Better yet, where is WZBH's programming director to ensure such homophobic slurs arren't aired?

I reckon it was just another happy - and accepted - gay bashing day at WZBH.

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