Friday, March 27, 2015

Crank's final farewell

As a service to Crank's fans who may not be on FaceBook, we reproduce his farewell as he posted on FaceBook here without comment. 

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Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Crank is gone sans apology

For long time readers of this page, you know we started it shortly after August 19, 2010 - the day the morning show hosts, Matt and Crank, aired a particularly offensive four-hour show.  First, they attacked gays as mentally diseased perverts, then turned their venom towards Blacks and their welfare sucking habits that help support their crack habits, and finished up with a lesson to women that their place is in the kitchen cooking dinner for their men.

The next day, both defiantly stood by their show, refused to apologize for any of it, and proceeded to denigrate all those who spoke out against their comments.  We started this page to document their - and the station's, in general - bigoted programming.

Matt Walsh was fired within a year, give or take a couple of months, but Crank remained unscathed.  He voluntarily followed his buddy, Matt, over to WGMD, but scurried back to WZBH, tail between his legs, within a month shortly after Matt was fired from that station.

According to Crank's FaceBook page in response to a fan's question about what happened to the morning show, Crank claims he voluntarily left "for greener pastures" that he would announce soon.  The station didn't let him finish out the week that he put notice in for, something he should've known.  His exact words:

Our only regret with this announcement is Crank (nor Matt nor the station) ever did apologize for Aug 19, 2010.  While WZBH has come a long way in erasing the bigotry that was prevalent in their daily programming, the two biggest culprits in perpetuating negative stereotypes on a daily basis (particularly misogynistic and homophobic stereotypes) never did admit that maybe their carried their brand of "entertainment" a bit too far.

Over the last couple of years, we've seen real talent come and go - and, of course, Matt and now Crank.  While we were sad to see some leave, we'll have a keg party celebrating Crank's departure.  Here's a rundown on the talent that was (as well as Matt and Crank) and what they are all doing now, the best that we can find.

  • Crank: Unemployed at least until he makes his announcement of the greener pastures he's moving to.
  • Matt:  After being fired from two more radio stations in as many years, now writes exclusively for The Blaze.  His Radical Thoughts Tour failed after a couple of shows, but he still speaks at The Great Homeschool Convention and a couple of other far right, conservative Christian events.  Also trolls Twitter in hopes of gaining his fifteen minutes of fame.
  • JJ:  On air weekdays, 10 am - 3 pm at Ocean 98.1 WOCM in Ocean City.
  • Captain Blue and Doug McKenzie:  Together again at 103.5 and 106.1 The Vault in Pokomoke City.  They have their own morning show, weekdays 6 am - 10 am.  Their laid back, dry sense of humor will crack you up.
  • Ian McKay:  Unless he's Hitman McKay over there with Doug and Captain Blue, he's still MIA.
  • Sarah:  On air weekdays, 3 pm - 7 pm at 97.7 Eagle in Milford. 
  • Phoebus:  Left radio and is at the World Gym Milsboro.
  • Spera:  After a brief stint at AM 1470, WTTR in Westminster, he left radio and is with Country Meadows - Leader Heights, a retirement community in York, PA.
  • Tonya:  If anyone knows, please let us know.
  • Tyler:  We thought he left WZBH, but now we're not sure. 
With the departure of Crank, this post most likely concludes our broadcasting over here.  You can, however, catch us over at The Five Drunk Rednecks where we talk about a whole lot more than just WZBH.

Editor's Note:
3/26/15 - edited Sarah's current status that had incorrectly stated she worked for 97.5 Cat Country.  Cat Country was here previous position after leaving WZBH.

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