Friday, January 21, 2011

JJ slips a gay slur in

Honestly, he sort of slipped the slur in.  On "Lights out with JJ", JJ quipped about a gang of burglars in Australia dubbed The Goldilocks Bandits.  The bandits have burglarized several homes and businesses and apparently make themselves feel right at home.  They cook a meal, drink a whole bunch of alcohol, opened the Christmas presents, and watched porn.  When JJ mentioned watching the porn, in a subdued voice, he remarked that if the bandits were all "dudes", watching the porn must've been awkward.

Ok, JJ, are you implying there are no gay or bisexual men in Australia?  Or maybe gay and bisexual men are so morally upstanding, they would never resort to a life of burglary?  Would watching the porn have been awkward if all the bandits were dudettes, i.e. women?  Or are you saying that heterosexual men only watch porn when women are present?

While JJ's comment is not an outright gay slur, it is problematic.  WZBH's target audience appears to be young males from high school through college.  (That may explain why the nine DJs are around thirty or younger.)  For a young, gay listener, especially in the age group where a young man is trying to come to grips with his sexuality, JJ's comment serves to reinforce the notion that there is something wrong or unnatural with being gay.

JJ's comment by itself may have been an off-hand remark from a straight guy who really doesn't understand what being gay means, but at WZBH, these sorts of off hand comments are made often.  A faithful listener of WZBH may come to internalize the belief that there is something wrong or unnatural with being gay.  Why else would a radio station allow the comments to be made on a regular basis if there weren't some truth to them?

JJ, stick to telling the story without the subtle, anti-gay commentary.  Your listeners can add their own thoughts about a bunch of drunk burglars watching porn together and whether they were even all guys or not.  And some of your listeners are gay, so why insult them?

Unfortunately, this critic was returning home from work and was unable to record the segment.

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