Monday, January 31, 2011

Everyone was on gay drugs in the 80's

This morning on the Matt and Crank show, Matt and Crank promoted an upcoming concert featuring many of the '80s hair bands.  To this critic's surprise, their promotion amounted to the problematic bashing of gays.  In the world of Matt and Crank, one turns gay by taking gay drugs or something and gay men wear wigs and make up.  Intelligent listeners wouldn't even entertain the idea of one turning gay much less the idea that there are gay drugs that could turn one gay.  Intelligent listeners also know that gay men don't wear wigs and make up.  Transvestites, transsexuals, and female impersonators wear wigs and make up regardless of their sexual orientation, but gay men generally don't wear make up and wigs.  It is a sad statement that WZBH allows their DJs to perpetuate myths about gay men. 

Clip from this morning's show:

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