Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Gays, Japenese, women, and midgets are fair game

WZBH Critics Page monitored yesterday's early evening show with Chris Steele for about an hour.  Delightful programming.  Plenty of music with minimal commercial breaks and station promotions.

This morning's fare on the Matt & Crank Show stood in stark contrast to yesterday's evening show.  In an hour and twenty-five minutes, Matt and Crank managed to attack gays, the Japanese, women, and midgets with their banal, high school level "humor".

WZBH Critics Page tuned in during their news story of scientists and experts claiming that California should prepare for a super storm as archelogical evidence indicates California is prone to super storms every couple of hundred years.  Matt commented that after the Great Flood, God promised He would not flood the lands again, and sealed that promise with a rainbow.  He theorized that maybe since Californians have "bastardized" God's symbol of that promise, God will take back his promise and wash all those immoral Californians out to sea.  He added he certainly wouldn't miss California if it were washed out to sea.  The subtle, anti-gay sentiment was made clear.

Matt and Crank then covered a story about the Japanese scientists' plan to clone the extinct mammoth.  When Matt rhetorically asked why the Japanese would attempt such a thing, Crank's response was that because they were Japanese and they can and the Japanese have no scruples to weight the possible consequences of bringing back an extinct animal.  Talking about mammoths, however, allowed Matt to interject two jokes aimed at overweight women - one about the "Asian elephant" he went to school with and the other about the "fat chick" he created in one of his crude cloning experiments that went wrong.  In one fell swoop, they managed to slam people of a particular national origin and overweight women in general.

The last entry was a challenge to Intern B to research "freaks" so that they could award circus tickets to a listener who could answer Intern B's questions about freaks.  Idle banter about "midgets" ensued followed by the claim that throwing water on a midget causes them to change into gremlins.  Apparently, in Matt and Cranks eyes, little people are freaks who turn into gremlins.

WZBH Critics Page stopped listening to the show at this point.  Banal, adolescent humor to deride gays, the Japanese, overweight women, and little people within a little over an hour was enough entertainment for one morning.  Regretfully, recordings of the particular segments mentioned were not made.

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