Monday, January 17, 2011

Facebook abuse of fans

Joe S. alerted us to the Matt & Crank FaceBook abuse.  From the official WZBH website, there is a link to the Matt & Crank FaceBook page.  Turns out, the FaceBook page is not an official extension of the Matt & Crank Show, but is, instead, the personal page for Matt.  It is easy to see how fans of the Matt & Crank Show would join the Facebook page, believing the page offered a means for the DJs and fans to interact, and then be in for a rude awakening.

There are several clues that the FaceBook page is not an extension of the Matt & Crank Show.  The most obvious is the absence of Crank anywhere on the page.  Less obvious are the presence of Matt's parents and girlfriend and the occasional personal messages posted.

Posted below are a couple of exchanges on the FaceBook page that shows what fans can expect if they join the page believing they can interact with the DJs.

Attacking the family of a fan who made a comment on a free speech issue brought up on the show:


‎"I believe in freedom of speech as long as others say what I want to hear" - Lesson I learned from this morning's show.

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o        Matthew Walsh I like how you put that in quotes like it's something that I actually said. However if you think graphic depictions of rape and torture should be shown to children then I'd say that's your own issue to work out. Lord do I feel sorry for your kids.
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o        Joe S. Proper grammar puts the lesson I learned in quotes and nowhere does the quotes imply that it what you said. There are two people on the show - you and Crank, in case you forgot - and between what you both said, that is the lesson I learned as credited after the quote. The rest of your insinuations of my character warrant no response.
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David Orme I like turtles.
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Berating a fan for no other reason than the fan dared to counter an argument about people's reactions to a little snow:

·  Matthew Walsh

In pioneer days they suffered through frigid winters with no heat, meager rations, and no four wheel drive for their covered wagons. Now the Weather Channel forcasts two inches of snow and we close school a day early, run out in a panic to buy milk, eggs, and toilet paper, and we call out of work for the rest of the week so that we don't have to drive our SUVs in the type of weather they built SUVs to be driven in.

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Mick Chester Americans have turned in to pussys
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Richard Majors Testify my brother!!
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o        Joe S. I do recall that you nor Crank showed up for work the day after our last snow storm and poor JJ had to pull a double shift. Did you call JJ and tell him to get plenty of sleep so he'll be ready to cover for you and Crank tomorrow morning?
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o        Matthew Walsh Joe, you try driving your 02 Hyundai Accent 120 miles from Baltimore in a blizzard at night and tell me how that works out for you.
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o        Joe S.
Our last snow storm wasn't a blizzard and, in fact, Baltimore only got about an inch of snow out of that storm. The blizzad and heaveist snows were in southern Delmarva. Georgetown got about what we got here - eight inches. In the pionee...r days, they had no cars, but had two legs. Have we gotten to the point that no one knows how to walk to work any more? Or here's a thought. One of your coworkers could've swung by and picked you up. I'm sure not everyone drives a little car. All I know is it took me twice as long as normal to get to work, but my little '03 Mazda Protoge got me there and home. Almost got stuck in a couple of snowdrifts, but Old Reliable pulled me through. So how did it work out for me, you asked? Tense and long, but it worked out fine.See More
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o        Matthew Walsh I guess you missed the "from Baltimore" part. Walking to work from Baltimore would have been quite a trick. I guess I'm just not tough enough. Anyway I don't quite think there's any need to justify myself to you, but I thought I'd throw you a bone since I generally ignore your comments.
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o        Joe S. No, I didn't miss that part. You missed the part that the very complaints you make against others and how they react to a storm is exactly what you are guilty of. So claiming a blizzard of one inch snow in Baltimore preventing you from getting to work runs right along with how so many others react to a little snow. Oh well. I plan on not tuning in tomorrow morning because you nor Crank will be there. JJ is good to listen to, but the night show is more his element.
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Debbie Harris Clendaniel ‎*shaking head @ Joe S* :(
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o        Matthew Walsh
Joe, you missed the part where I fail to give a damn about your asinine opinions which you post on my Facebook religiously. Up until this point I have tolerated it because you clearly listen to my show on a daily basis. However my patience ...has now officially ran out so you'll have to find some other way to occupy the 8 hours of your day that you normally spend picking fights on my Facebook wall. I have actually learned from you, and a few others, that there really are people out there who I would prefer didn't listen to my show. If it wasn't for the fact that women, including my Mom, are reading this, I'd have a few other choice words for you. For now suffice it to say that I find you extraordinarily irritating and in serious need of some Jesus in your life. And probably a hobby.See More
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Joe S. no longer posted after this last exchange.  We at WZBH Critics Page look at these two examples of exchanges on FaceBook as a fan respectfully entering a debate based on the content of the show (first example) or content of the FaceBook posting (second example) and being resoundly ridiculed for daring to express an opinion that didn't agree with the DJs, in this case, Matt's opinion.  At the time of this posting, WZBH Critics Page cannot confirm whether the fan, Joe S., stopped posting because he tired of the verbal abuse for expressing his opinion or if he was banned from the FaceBook page as Matt's last response seems to imply.

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