Thursday, September 15, 2011

Threesome with Oprah and Barbara

We found a new toy. Best of all, it's priced right - FREE! We reviewed the show we're making fun of here, Crank and JJ's debut. Yes, you might have noticed "Coffee Party" as the creator. You got us. We're playing around before launching our next webventure. Periodically, we may still mosey over here to poke some fun at our favorite bigots.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Another nightly dumbass

Tonight's nightly dumbass is not one, but two people.  Bet you think we're going to name Crank and JJ again, huh?  Nah, that'd be too easy.  Tonight's nightly dumbass, or should we say, dumbasses, are two of our own critics.

Morbid curiosity got the better of them and they decided to tune Crank and JJ in.  They were happy to report that the segment, "Acoustics at eight", has gotten even closer to playing at eight.  At eight-twenty, listeners were treated to a crappy studio song played acoustically crappily. 

But our two dumbasses listened to more than a crappy song.  JJ's daily dumbass was an eighteen-year-old out of Scotland who stabbed his girlfriend to death because she didn't make garlic toast to go with the spaghetti dinner.

Normal, intelligent listeners were probably listening to another station or their CD, but if they happened to be tuned in, no doubt they would fail to see the humor in the tragic story.  The young man probably had serious mental issues, like being bipolar or something, to stab his girlfriend thirty times over garlic toast.  He's certainly not a dumbass by any stretch of the imagination.

Listening on to Crank and JJ's banter, the listener becomes keen to why they would think this murder was worthy of making fun of.  JJ made it quite clear that if your woman doesn't do what she's supposed to do, two black eyes is ok to get her in her place, but murder is not.

Domestic violence and spousal abuse is no laughing matter.   Sure, we know how their defense of their brand of humor would go.  "We made fun of a serious situation to get people talking about these serious issues."

That's the defense being used by a hair salon in Canada for their ad depicting a well dressed man holding diamonds and standing behind a fashionably dressed woman poised on a sofa and flashing a black eye.  The caption reads, "Look good in all you do."  (story)

The owners of the hair salon defend the ad as their attempt to get people talking about a serious subject.  Funny.  Most hair salons design ads to get people to come in and get their hair done.  Instead of people finding the ad thought provoking, they find it insulting and demeaning to women and a wink to the boys who slap their women around.

By the same token, most listeners probably expect Crank and JJ to entertain them on their daily dumbass report with quirky stories of people doing really dumb things that make us laugh.  Killing a young woman is not funny for any reason.  Encouraging spousal abuse and the notion that men should keep their women in line with physical violence, if necessary, is not funny, by any stretch of the imagination.  It also is not an effective method to get people talking about a serious subject.  It is an effective method to convince some listener(s) out there that it's ok to slap their woman around because she's been getting out of hand lately.

Sadly, WZBH chose to air clips of the segment throughout the day to promote the new show.  WZBH must enjoy its reputation of being probably the third most bigoted station on Delmarva.  At least two conservative talk show stations has them beat.  WZBH is trying really hard to steal that title from those two stations.

So how does all this make our two critics the nightly dumbasses?  We've listened enough to know that WZBH may have changed the voices, but the daily doses of bigotry is what WZBH wants to promote.  Today, our two critics held out high hopes that yesterday's programming was a fluke and, instead, learned it only gets worse.  Any dumbass could've figured that out within the first week of The Worse Show Ever with Crank & JJ airing.  Our two critics still aren't convinced that it will only get worse.  The other three of us are.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Tonight's nightly dumbass

Since JJ can't give us the nightly dumbass that so entertained us weeknights, we thought we'd fill in.  Tonight's nightly dumbass is not one, but two people - Crank and JJ.

Let's back it up a bit.  We rarely listen to the morning show.  After our initial excitement and hopes for an entertaining show, we ended up with a toned down version of the old morning show.  The personalities are a little bit more likable than in the old format, but bigots are still bigots and bigotry as humor is a bygone fad of almost forty years ago.  It just plain ain't funny no more.

We listened once, last week.  We were amused at the segment, "Acoustics at eight" that came on at five til nine.  The critic writing to you likes the acoustic segment, having somewheres in the neighborhood of seven CDs of acoustic versions of songs by popular bands. 

We listened again, today, and the "Acoustics at eight" segment came on somewheres around eight-thirty.  Amusement has now transformed into befuddlement.  Are there any clocks at the station?

Last week's daily dumbass was a man in Oklahoma who fired his gun at fire fighting helicopters dipping into his pond to fight the wildfires in Texas.  All five of us are in agreement that the man should've been the daily hero and JJ and Crank the dumbasses.  All five of us agree that anyone - and especially government employees - who doesn't want an ass full of buckshot had better ask us before stepping foot on our land much less helping themselves to the resources we own on the land. 

How hard would it have been for the fire fighting commander or local sheriff to pick up the phone and tell the landowner they needed his water to fight neighboring wild fires?  Oklahoma is also in a severe drought.  What if the man relied on that pond to irrigate his fields or water his livestock, wouldn't you expect him to shoot first, ask questions later?  If that pond goes dry, he could lose his livlihood.  Who's going to pay his bills then?

Again, we can't stress it enough.  Do your homework and think outside of the box before making yourself the dumbass.

Today's dumbass was not one, but three people holding up the express checkoout at the Walmart while Crank and JJ were trying to get through the line as quickly as possible. 

First person up - an old lady who paid by <gasp> a check.  There goes that subtle bigotry.  What did her age have to do with how she chose to pay?  Oh yeah, old people are feeble and slow. 

All five of us at the Critics Page have shopped at Walmart and have paid by check.  There's nothing to fill out.  You hand a blank check to the cashier, the cashier feeds it through the machine, which takes less than ten seconds, and then you sign the electronic pad facing you.  Either Crank and JJ are telling us that Delawareans are more backwards than we give them credit for or they completely fabricated the little old lady paying by check.

Second person up - a Mexican who chose to pay with coins for one portion of his order, and a twenty for the other portion.  Again, there goes that subtle bigotry.  What did his ethnicity have to do with how he paid for his order?  In fact, we're willing to bet that while he was probably Hispanic, most likely Latino, he probably wasn't Mexican.  We fully expect that analysis to go whoosh right over Crank and JJ's heads.  Bigots have a hard time understanding that people with brown skin speaking Spanish does not automatically equate to Mexican.

So he shopped for two people.  One was poor and had coins to pay for the order.  The other was rich and had a twenty to pay for the order.  Whether one person pays for both orders separately or two people are ahead of you paying for their own orders, the time standing in line is the same.  And since none of us at the Critics Page are rich like Crank and JJ, we do consider payment in coins as cash payment.  Between paychecks, we're always paying in coins.

Third person up - Mom.  Bashing women through Moms is a favorite pasttime of JJ's.  He'll never bash men through Dads, but he loves to bash women through the incompetent Moms.  What was her stupidity?  Asking the cashier about two different types of cigarettes and which one had more cigarettes. 

Yes, JJ, every smoker and many nonsmokers know there are twenty cigarettes to a pack, no matter which brand.  Every smoker and many nonsmokers also know that a pack of camels isn't the same amount of cigarettes as a pack of Virginia Slims.  Try really hard to think about that one.  We have confidence that you can tell us why both packs have twenty cigarettes, but both packs don't have an equal amount of cigarettes.

Since we are convinced that the first shopper was made up, or at least the story was embellished like a good fish tale, we have our doubts about the other two shoppers, too.  The story was a good yarn to bash the elderly, Latinos (specifically Mexicans), and women.

But that's not why we award the nightly dumbass award to Crank and JJ.  They get the award because they chose to shop at Walmart and support both the Chinese economy and Chinese worker at the expense of our American economy and American worker.

Not a good enough reason?  Don't fret, there's more.

We've noticed the younger generation, particularly those under thirty-five, are impertinent and impatient seekers of instant gratification.  We can thank the Internet, drive thrus, and express checkout lines for the ingrained attitude of instant gratification among the snot-nosed, bratty younger crowd.

Not fun when the group you belong to is singled out for ridicule, is it?  Sad truth is that those of us over thirty-five have more patience, understanding, and compassion for others who operate at a bit slower speed than the seekers of instant gratification. 

Still not good enough reason to award Crank and JJ the nightly dumbass award?  Yup.  There's more.

You both were shopping at Walmart.  If you want prompt service and speed, shop at a high end store where the clerks will annoint your feet as they take your money and usher you out the door.  You shop with poor people, you get treated like poor people.  Shop with rich people, you get treated like rich people.  Very simple equation.  You both were the dumbasses for being in a hurry because you didn't plan ahead of when and where to shop to get the service you think you deserve.  The truth is you deserved the service poor people get and that's what you got.  Dumbasses.