Sunday, April 3, 2016

Crank, aka Andrew Murr, aka Andrew Martin returns after a year absence

It's been a bit over a year, but Crank has returned to the radio.  He's not Crank.  He's not Andrew Murr.  No, he comes to us this time as Andrew Martin.  You can find Andrew Martin, aka Andrew Murr, aka Crank, over on WXCY New Country on 103.7 FM out of Havre de Grace, MD.

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Saturday, April 2, 2016

The thieves returned Jason Lee

Two or three months ago, someone stole Jason Lee's job.  I'm not going to name names because it is unknown if an H2A worker from Mexico was hired to change the automated tape or Mr. Automated Programming seized control of Jason's time slot as the super computer secretly directed the development of droids in Chinese factories to help it takeover the world.  The droids haven't shown up on our Walmart shelves yet, so it's probably safe to say Adams Radio Group may have had a role in the theft of Jason Lee's job, if only by hiring the Mexican worker to change tapes, but there's not enough evidence to of now.

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Saturday, January 16, 2016

Who stole Jason Lee's job?

Short answer - Mr. Automated Programming. 

The face of radio is changing and if you ever thought about becoming a broadcasting star, don't think you are limited to the stations your car radio tunes in.  You can go there and beyond.

While Adams Radio Group continues to make a muskrat's patootie of themselves with their programming decisions, it's time for the real talent with broadcasting dreams on Delmarva to take control and think beyond the radio dial.

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Saturday, January 2, 2016

Sarah and Corey back together again!

Delmarva has a new radio station, 102.5 FM WBOC.  After seventy-five years, our familiar TV station is returning to its radio roots with an adult contemporary format.

A new radio station normally is not something to get excited over, but for our faithful readers, you know we got our start as WZBH Critics.  Even though three of us have moved on, the two of us remaining look forward to the proposed morning show on the new station as it will be hosted by WZBH alumni Sarah and Corey.

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