Monday, February 14, 2011

One critic dropped out, today

After listening to eighteen minutes of the Matt and Crank show this morning, the critic who usually records their segments decided to drop out, instead.

"That first segment sounded like a bunch of grumpy, old men whining and complainging about everything, and today was such a beautiful day and a day of love, I just couldn't let them put a cloud over my head," she explained.

Matt and Crank used the eighteen minute segment to talk about Matt's trip to a natural museum of history with his nephews and nieces.  The segment started out about the quality of crappy music from about ten years ago, followed by his experience at the museum with a guide reading from a card that made him feel like she was treating him like a child.  He went on to talk about whiney kids and how he tried to use logic to reason with them at which point Crank chimed in that women don't think logically and that's why they are so great with kids.  They then briefly mentioned dead beat Dads because, this critic guesses,  we all know there are no dead beat Moms in the world of Matt and Crank.  It must have something to do with those "female skills" women are born with, you know, a woman's innate desire to cook, clean, and raise kids.

At that point, our critic, who usually records Matt and Crank segments, flipped the radio off, refusing to let their sexist, gloom and doom rant ruin her day.  She assures us she'll be back on the job tomorrow or Wednesday.

On the brighter side, us other critics have been listening to Chris Steele's show and Lights out with JJ all last week and tonight.  We have failed to hear women referred to as "chicks" nor have we heard any off-hand comments, usually coming from JJ, about gays.  We don't know if the absence of the usual comments is because of the lack of stories to throw the jibes in or maybe Chris and JJ have assessed their on-air persona based on comments made here and decided to improve their image.  We also noticed the promo clips for the Matt and Crank program were nuetral - and a couple actually funny - in their commentary.  Again, we at the Critics Page don't know if there is a conscious effort at WZBH to change their overall tone of programming or if the lack of inciteful rhetoric promos is just a fluke.  For the last week and a day, though, flukes or not, the changes were refreshing and the programming enjoyable.

If the programming we've heard for the last week (outside of Matt and Crank) continues on this positive path, we at the Critics Page may find ourselves out of a job.  We're fine with that.  It's not like we're getting paid.  The morning groupies can have their mindless sexist, racist, Islamaphobic, and homophobic show and the rest of Delmarva listeners can enjoy quality programming throughout the day and night.

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