Saturday, February 12, 2011

Matt and Crank still think people "turn gay"

On the 02 Feb morning show, in between Matt and Crank's twenty minute rant putting women "in their place", they managed to set their sights on gays and lesbians.  They talked about a study of college students that showed a man would be more forgiving of a woman who cheated on him with another woman than a woman would be of a man who cheated on her with another man.

The main message driven home through this few minutes was gays and lesbians choose to be gay.  Crank made more than one effort of labeling lesbians as mentally screwed up or psychologically diseased.  Take particular note of Crank's almost subconscious utterance of disgust when Matt mentions a guy having an affair with another guy.

All this critic can say is thank God there was no recording of my subconscious utterance of disgust when I viewed Crank's FaceBook picture of him and (presumed) wife.  What could she possibly see in a man so obviously psychologically diseased that homosexuality upsets him so much?

This critic has always said - and still stands firmly behind - the assertion that some people should not be allowed to marry much less breed.  Matt and Crank are two who should top that banned from marrying and breeding list.

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