Saturday, February 12, 2011

Chris Steele has a thing for chicks

We wrap up our review of WZBH's programming on 02 Feb with a review of the Chris Steele show and an excerpt occurring around 5:30 in the evening.  Unfortunately, this critic was on the way home from work and was unable to record the segment.

Anyone who happened to catch the Matt and Crank Show on the way in to work earlier in the morning had their ears assaulted with the denigration of women and their proper place and a lesson in their innate desires to be home cooking and cleaning.  If a listener were offended by that twenty minute segment as they drove to work, Chris Steele managed to reinforce the objectification of women on the listener's drive home from work.

Like any healthy, young male, Chris Steele felt a need to share the news of the ten sexiest Hollywood women.  Perfectly normal since any listener knows WZBH's target audience is young males.  Great story, except for one of Chris Steele's little quirks.  Women, no matter how hard they have worked to be as successful as they are, are not women.  They are "chicks."

We, at the Critics Page, continue to scratch our heads on this one.  "Chicks" is a phrase that died out over thirty years ago - long before Chris Steele was even born.  The term was offensive then and it still is.  Tell you what, Chris.  Have one of your friends call your Mom a "chick" and not only see how far across the room she smacks him, but see how fast your Mom's slap sends you following him.

In case you aren't aware, chicks are cute little two-legged yellow things pecking around the barnyard.  They eventually grow up and end up in your soup pot.  The only similiarity between women and chicks are that they both have two legs, and most people would agree the two legs on women are much more attractive.  Past possessing the same number of legs, there is absolutely nothing similiar between chicks and women.
As one of the women associated with the Critics Page said, "I've never laid an egg in my life."

Well, Chris, she has one up on you.  During the course of your show you laid three eggs - two little eggs by playing The Foo Fighters and that absolutely horrible remake of "Turn Up the Radio" orginally done by the 1980's group Autograph - and one huge egg that would make an ostritch jealous because everyone except you knows women are not chicks.

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