Friday, February 25, 2011

The Critics Page looking for a sixth member

The Critics Page listened to a sizable portion of yesterday's programming on WZBH.  The trend towards less inciteful rhetoric that we have noticed over the last three weeks continues.  In fact, we only heard one objectionable comment by a DJ yesterday coming from the Matt and Crank Show.

While talking to the owner of a local gym about their upcoming dance lessons, Matt posed the question of what women really think about men dancing.  He asked if they find a man who dances sexy or see him as a "fairy boy."  We don't know what a fairy boy is, but given Matt's past record on talking about gays, we're pretty sure he wasn't making a compliment.

On the Chris Steele show, a sexist commercial for Dodge trucks aired.  We understand that Chris Steele does not have control over the ads that are played and we do not fault him for the commercial.  Dodge, apparently, thinks the month of February is a woman's month with Valentine's Day and isn't "manly" enough.  The commercial goes on to appeal to the "man", which anyone over thirty knows they are trying to appeal to the boys under thirty.

We only mention this because we have noticed a general trend towards blatant sexism in commercials through any medium.  Delmarva List, for example, is currently airing two blatantly sexist commercials on the WBOC.  One appeals to the woman because women don't like sports and even encourages the woman to lie to her man by saying she'll get him a beer and, instead, encourages her to sign up for the daily deals.  The other appeals to the man by telling him to forget the "chick flicks" and watch what he really wants to watch - sports - on a big screen TV.

Ok, so we're straying a bit from the purpose of this website, but we are straying to make a point.  When it comes to the blatant sexism in the commercials, an ad executive from a competitor company will come along and demolish the competition with a counter ad - ironically, an ad probably laced with the same sexism.  Ford, for example, may come out with an ad to counter Dodge's ad and feature a beautiful woman driving the truck all over a Dodge and end the ad with something suggestive like "Come take me for a test drive."   If Ford were to put out an ad like this, at least Ford, unlike Dodge, acknowledges that women like to drive trucks, too.  In other words, there's balance between the competing commercials.

We have yet to hear any balance in WZBH's programming that would counter comments like Matt's fairy boy comment.  If gays and lesbians are mentioned, they are mentioned only in a negative context.  Women are mentioned only in the context of being a play thing or should be home cooking and cleaning.  Muslims are mentioned only as blowing up buildings are persecuting Christians.  Blacks are into drugs or standing in line for food stamps.  We're hard pressed to find any positive - or even nuetral - comments made about women, Muslims, Blacks or any other race, or gays and lesbians.

This critic was caught by surprise with one quick blurb put out by WZBH.  In fact, it was so quick, this critic is still scratching his head over whether it was a real message or not.  WZBH announced that if anyone was considering filing a lawsuit against the station to please call them.

We, at The Critics Page, never considered filing a lawsuit.  We figured bleeding ears was a normal symptom from listening to kids all day.  Now that WZBH has given us the idea of filing a lawsuit, we are like, "Hey, why not?"

This is where we need a sixth person in our group.  Since bleeding ears would probably be viewed by a jury as a normal and expected symptom of listening to the kids on WZBH, we need a sixth person who fits the description of WZBH's frequent ridicule that we have documented or can document.  We are looking for a Black Japanese, Muslim, heterosexual woman who has undergone a sex change operation and is now a Black Japanese, Muslim, gay man.  You must be a legal citizen of Delmarva with proof of your right to work on Delmarva.  We will consider applicants of foreign countries from the other side of the Bay if you have the proper work visa and green card authorizing you to be on Delmarva.  If you don't have the proper paperwork, please don't cross the Bay Bridge.  You won't be interviewed for the position.

Once The Critic's Page accepts the new member as described above, we'll move forward with the lawsuit and we'll be a shoe-in to own WZBH with ownership split evenly among all six members.

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