Friday, December 13, 2013

The Worse Show Ever's one-dimensional blandness

For the most part, we haven't been listening to WZBH. A couple of days ago, one of us listened in the afternoon and caught a blurb for The Worse Show Ever. The short spot epitomizes the shallowness and blandness of the morning crew.

Crank posed a question that appears on on the Common Core standardized test for our schools. The question: "You have three people and four horses. How many feet do you have?" Answer: six because horses have hooves and not feet.

The debate between Crank and Phoebus was if the question was really a math question or a riddle. Standard in-the-box thinking that really made the morning crew look more stupid than what they thought the question made the test look like.

Point 1: The question is a poorly constructed sentence. People are not property so "you" cannot "have" people.

Point 2: Is it a math question or a riddle? It's a reading comprehension question doubling as a math question. The question tests one's ability to understand what is read and then tests one's ability to count. Crank and Phoebus failed on both accounts.

Point 3: If we look at the question from the standpoint of the expected answer, there aren't six feet. There are the three people and "you" or four people total, which makes eight feet.

Point 4: In the strictest sense, the question "How many feet do you have" will always be two regardless of how many people "you have". While we're pretty sure that Phoebus has 12 toes, not necessarily divided evenly among his two feet, he still has two feet. We're pretty sure Crank has two tiny feet. So either one reading the question should have answered two, because they only have two feet just like most everyone else has.

Maybe it's just us, but we find multi-dimensional thinking to be entertaining. The shallow, one-dimensional thinking of the morning crew has us switching the radio dial or, as has been for the last month, simply not listening at all.

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