Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Ranters rant against ranters

You know, in any given group of five people, there always has to be one jackass. Guess what our jackass did today? She listened to about an hour and a half of the morning show.

The gist of the first hour of the show amounted to a rant against people who rant against stuff. Ahh, the irony of it. Of course, Crank quickly pointed out that their rant against ranters didn't include them because how else could one do a show unless they're ranting? About twenty minutes into the rant against ranters, Crank clarified that they (the morning crew) were "above the average person", which is why their rants aren't really rants.


Yup. We never have understood why the public figure behind a microphone or behind a camera somehow feels, and truly believes, that what he or she does is somehow different than what the average person does. Does receiving a weekly paycheck to rant somehow make one a more qualified ranter?

Last week, the morning crew saw fit to make fun of Hallmark's decision to change the words to a classic Christmas carol from "gay" to "fun". It should be noted that, as far as talk radio hosts go, a lot of the the talkers across the radio dial had fun with Hallmark's decision. In fact, Susan Monday on Delaware 105.9 had an entire call-in segment on the "controversy".

There wasn't anything new in the morning crew's rant against Hallmark. Tune to any talk radio station, you would hear the same rant. Pull up any blog on the Internet, and you would read the same thing. In fact, we're willing to bet that as Crank and gang sang off key to make their point, ten YouTube videos were already posted with better off key singing to make fun of Hallmark's decision.

There is so much the morning crew could do to set the radio dial on fire. Instead, they choose to use ten parts water to one part gasoline for their show and when their fire doesn't ignite, they whine about all the other people, which probably includes their listeners, who already beat them to the punch line.

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