Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Crank in a star pangled mini skirt

A couple of us made the mistake of listening to the morning show promptly at 6:00 am.  We vow not to make the mistake again, but, Hell, we're five drunk rednecks and at least one of us will probably listen again.

Crank came out attacking his own wife for pointing out that an actor in some movie or show was Portuguese.  The gist of his argument... or dare we say, prejudice... was the actor was a nobody until he came to America and American actors, rah-rah, are the best. 

Crank's defense of everything America as being awesome and everything not-American ( as far as TV and movie entertainment goes) was "so what?", left at least one of us with an image of Crank in a star spangled miniskirt doing cartwheels in celebration of the Great American Way.

Crank, denying his roots, and Phoebus, trying a lame attempt to claim some foreign royalty ancestry, are typical responses of those raised with a family disconnect and lost heritage.  Only Sarah spoke up in defense of being proud of one's heritage, but, alas, she's just the token female on the show, which means Crank and Phoebus had all the say.

Here's a news flash: most Americans are proud of their heritage and where they came from and the sentiment to boast of one's heritage is the very definition of being American. 

Denying one's heritage by thumping one's chest and declaring, "I'm  American" to the exclusion of where his/hers ancestors came from is the definition of a spineless slug trying to fit in his/her environment.

Conclusion of the ten minute segment a couple of us listened to?

Sarah needs to step up to the plate and tell the other two to shut the Hell up because she's talking.  She has a lot to say and it's not getting through.  Adam Levine, voted the sexiest man, claims on a Proactive commercial that his acne prevented him from being "assertive".  What's your excuse for not being assertive, Sarah? 

Phoebus needs to get out from behind the microphone and experience the real world so that he won't have to pretend some royal heritage. 

Crank needs some salt poured on him so he'll just wither away.

We might tune in next week.


After the holidays, maybe. 

Merry Christmas everyone!  Thank you for being a fan of this page. 

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