Wednesday, October 23, 2013

JJ has left the WZBH stage...

This is what we get for listening to WZBH only once or twice a month - a missed job opportunity.

One of us was going to listen to JJ tonight, but he wasn't on.  Turns out he left WZBH for Ocean 98.1 sometime within the last couple of months or so.  The jury is still out on the replacement show. 

In fact, we're not even sure if the show is hosted by a local DJ or is a nationally syndicated show.  It'd be really sad if WZBH, a station promoting the shop local message, has decided to outsource its departing local DJ's position with a nationally syndicated show instead of hiring local talent to fill the vacated spot.  We mean, it's not like Delmarva has high unemployment in a limited job market or anything, right?  Besides, if WZBH offered a job to a local, unemployed talent, how could the morning show make fun of the unemployed freeloading off of unemployment insurance?

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