Saturday, July 13, 2013

Sarah and her Pom-Pom Boys

All week we've heard Sarah's little blurb promoting The Worst Show Ever.  It goes something along the lines of Crank, who some people confuse with Frank, and Phoebus, who some people confuse with Phobic or some such.  Sarah, well it's really hard to confuse Sarah.

How about Tara, Mara, Cara, Farah, or our favorite, Coffee Girl?  C'mon, Sarah.  At least us three guys are rooting for you (the two women in our group are jealous).  It's time to take the reigns of the show and demonstrate to the two little boys what intelligent and funny, combined, means.  Tell you what, Sarah.  You take control of the show, like you were born to do, and us three guys will come down there and force Phoebus and Crank to don cheerleader outfits to rah-rah you on.  Then we'll post the video on YouTube headlined as "Sarah's Best Show Ever with her Pom Pom Boys.

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