Thursday, August 18, 2011

WZBH new morning show and an update on the lies surrounding Matt

WZBH isn't saying much other than their new morning show will start at 6:00 am on Monday morning.  They've billed it as "The worst show ever", but you have to love David Willis' quick response on the WZBH FaceBook page to the announcement: "David Willis thought the last mornin show was the worst ever! LOL hope ya dont top that one!"  We wish we could take credit for that one, but, alas, we don't even know who David is.  He'd have made one Hell of a critic, though!

Crank has been absent on the few mornings we've tuned in, but, based on what little we can find, we suspect he will still be part of the new morning show.  But like you, we'll have to wait until Monday morning to find out what's going on.

We've noticed a lot of people are still wondering what happened to Matt.  There are two possibilities.  We believe Matt got fired (On lying and hypocrisy - and maybe a change at WZBH?) and doesn't have the integrity or moral character to admit it.  He's even gone so far as to tell a fan on his FaceBook page that he abandoned a "sinking ship" and moved to WGMD.  Many of his fans believe him and perpetuate what we see as his lie about his career with WZBH.

On the off-chance we've interpretted his departure incorrectly, then the second possibility is he reported for work on a Monday, did his show, then announced he quit.  We see this possibility as being a worse reflection of his true character than if he were fired.  In an economy where jobs are scarce, what sort of employee quits his job on the spot without giving the courteous two-week notice?  While we do not see his joining WGMD as a move up in his career like he does, the fact is WGMD would never have known who Matt Walsh is if WZBH hadn't given him a year or two of air time.  For Matt's fans, please tell us how his quitting on the spot for another job is a character quality that should be admired and earn him kudos from his fans for making the move.  We plain don't see anything admirable in his spontaneous quitting, if that is, in fact, what he did.

Dan Gaffney, program director at WGMD, doesn't appear concerned that maybe Matt will quit, unannounced, on him.  All he could enthusiastically announce on his FaceBook page was that Matt announced he was a Christian on air.  That should give you an idea of what company Matt is keeping.

Hey Dan!  We might not have our own radio program to announce it to everyone, but we have no problem publically announcing it here - all five of us are Christains, too.  We can unequivocally state, though, that we are true Christians and not false prophets.  Why not think about that for awhile before judging someone simply because they announce they are Christian.

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