Sunday, August 14, 2011

Matt joins the new KKK

We’re all sitting around, drinking beer, and laughing at Matt’s FaceBook page.  A listener criticized Matt’s commercial as “dismembering” the talk show host, whose time slot Matt is taking over.  In typical, arrogant fashion, Matt defends his commercial as promoting his show and that’s the nature of the business.

Too bad Matt didn’t understand the “nature of the business” when he was employed at WZBH.  Maybe he wouldn’t have been fired if he truly understood the “nature of the business”.

Starting Monday, after a two-week layoff, Matt is beginning a new career on 92.7, WGMD talk radio.  As we already covered (On lying and hypocrisy - and maybe a change at WZBH?), Matt lied to his fans by leaving the impression that he left WZBH for a better job.  He got lucky after he got fired from WZBH.  WGMD came through for him, but we don’t see his new job as an advancement on his career. 

WGMD has a much smaller listening area than WZBH.  Nowhere on Delmarva can any of us hear the station.  Depending on where we are, we either get ESPN out of DC or a talk station out of Virginia.  Only the warped thinking of a conservative Christian can see a move to a smaller station as a career advancement.

Some time ago, Matt dared his listeners on WZBH to call the station and try to get him fired if they didn’t like what he said just because he only spoke the truth.  Be careful what you challenge your listeners to do because they just might do it.  We’re fairly certain low ratings didn’t get you fired because low ratings would’ve canned Crank, too.  He’s still there.  You’re not. 

We’ll never know how much, if at all, our reviews had to do with the decision to fire Matt.  As we stated before, we neither take the credit nor blame.  We do know that our Critics Page attracted a lot of attention.  While Matt was busy trying to convince his fans that we were really one lonely guy living in Mom’s basement and stalked Matt because we were jealous of his success, we knew otherwise.  And while Matt tried to convince everyone that half the people who like the accompanying FaceBook page to the Critics Page blog were his fans, the statistics we saw, that he couldn’t, clearly showed a lot more people using the page than who actually liked the page.  We also like to think that many more listeners, whether because of Matt’s challenge or not, called or wrote the station to complain about the bigoted programming on the morning show.  And then, of course, there was the concern of lawsuits against the station, as advertised by WZBH.  The end result is Matt was fired and rightly so.   

You would think the whole experience would make Matt more humble, like a good Christian is supposed to be.  Think again.  All he did is join the new KKK.

A long time ago, like fifty years or so ago, the KKK was a respected group of people.  They kept the Blacks and the gays in their place to keep our society safe for the White people.  They kept their women barefoot and pregnant in the kitchen where they belonged.  On a Saturday night, those good ol’ boys would dress up like ghosts, build a bonfire of a burning cross, drink their whiskey and rye, and hang a Black guy from a tree like a Christmas ornament.  Kind of complimented the burning cross theme.

As the civil rights, feminist, and gay movements took hold, most people started looking at the Klansman as archaic, hateful, and uneducated malcontents.  Everywhere they went to stand up for White people, they were met with equally virulent protests of their presence.  New membership enrollment dropped.

The bigots, racists, xenophobes, and homophobes needed a new and more acceptable way to get their message out without being attached to the negatively viewed KKK.  As uneducated as most normal people think a Klansman is, they figured it out.  Call themselves Christians and start a network of conservative talk shows on the radio.  Rush Limbaugh first made bigotry mainstream in the late 80’s and conservative Christians have been following his lead ever since.  The Klansmen managed to build on Rush’s success and now own major news outlets, like Fox News, and the Klansmen even have their own political party – the Tea party.

And this is where Matt is going.  He’s joined the new KKK with the family at WGMD, 92.7.  Rush is aired every day at 1:00 PM and the news is brought to you by Fox news.

We won’t be following Matt there.  First, none of us can get the station, thank God.  Second, Matt is off mainstream broadcasting and now has an audience of like-minded Klansmen to entertain.  He’s where he belongs. 

We like to think he’s on a dead end career path.  Bigots don’t deserve success.  But we live in the real world and we know those with the loudest mouths that sound the stupidest are the ones who achieve big success for no other reason than everyone else loves to hear the uneducated bigots make fools of themselves.  Conservative Christian talk show hosts remind us normal folk how not to be and think. 

Don’t believe us?  We ask you, then, to tell us what has been Rush Limbaugh’s success in the last twenty-seven years since he first aired?  If your measuring stick is purely on his annual income, then, yes, he’s a success.  If your measuring stick includes how he influenced public opinion, he’s a failure through and through.

Let’s tick off the list of the new Klansman’s daily rhetoric - and Rush’s rhetoric for the last quarter of a century – and how his, and like-minded Klansmen’s rhetoric (including Matt’s) has failed to make any difference.  Abortion is still legal.  Women are a power source in politics and business and get paid fairly for their contributions.  Gays and lesbians are not only mainstream, but are now legally marrying and adopting children.  Global warming has not only melted the polar icecaps, but has also driven a “go green” mentality within our major corporations and in the minds of the average citizen.  Marijuana use has at least gained a solid foothold for medicinal purposes.  The opportunity to become president is no longer a fairytale told to Black children.  The first war we lost was not Vietnam.  We lost the Mexican-American War and the Spanish-American War.  Whether you’re in Miami speaking Spanish for the Cubans or Phoenix speaking Spanish for the Mexicans, we obviously lost both wars and Spanish is now the second unofficial language of our country.  Evolution is an accepted scientific theory to be taught in our schools and Creationism is not an accepted scientific theory and has no place in our schools.

With such a dismal failure of the new Klansman on conservative Christian talk shows to influence public opinion, Matt is headed for a dead end career.  His only saving grace is the old timers who formed the new KKK are about to retire.  We think Matt stands a good chance at filling the shoes of Rush, although we don’t think he will ever be as good as Ann Coulter, who might fill Rush’s retirement spot first.  Oh, that thought just has to eat him up.  A woman, who wouldn’t recognize a kitchen from an outhouse, is more entertaining and popular than he ever could be and might actually take over Rush’s limelight before he could.  To paraphrase the mentality of the White boys over at WZBH, of course the chick will be more popular than Matt.  She has boobs.

She does, doesn’t she?  We’re not sure because her adams apple confuses us.


  1. You really are a poor excuse for a "redneck" and must be hated by other rednecks. First off, it's people like you who are the problem in this country. Who are acceptant of the current economic position and current moral position of this country and thus poke fun at people who still believe in speaking about how we could make it better or simply speak out against the wrong things in this world. The Muslim religion, first off, is a religion of war and killing. I have spoken to a man who use to be a Muslim and said just that. There is no such thing as peace in that religion until all that are against Allah are dead. Being homosexual is a sin. That is as clear as i can make it. Creationism is dead because it is silenced by the liberal agenda to make a new generation of brain dead followers. The Bible is the true word of God, and the principles of it is what our country was founded on. Atheism was looked down upon and not accepted back then. I'm rambling i know. But my point is that you talk about all the "lies" of matt like you know him. I am a good friend of one of the higher ups in Great Scott broadcasting and can honestly tell you he was not fired. I know you won't believe me but whatever. I have said what needed to be said and that's it.

  2. And if you were listening last night to his program, which, is complete bullshit that you don't get it anywhere on Delmarva, he said, like I told you, he put in his 2 weeks notice and the GSB said he was done before he could do a goodbye show. You are a poor excuse for a person(s) and will continue to be one of the reasons why liberals will have their way, and are simply enjoyed by the simple-minded jackasses who can't get through their thick good for nothing skull they have a voice to change shit in this country. Your page did nothing. NOTHING. Well, besides provide countless times of laughter for me and probably more than half the people who like your page. Good riddance to you, and have a wonderful life whining about a radio station, when you merely could of changed it, or instead of spending money on chew, you could of bought yourself a shiny new ipod and put your own damn music on. Radio is a form of free speech. Therefore, he could of said anything he pleased, but knew of he did bash Obama more then he did, would of been fired.