Friday, August 26, 2011

Crank and JJ suck and a kudos to WZBH

We held out high hopes for Crank and JJ.  Crank, we thought, was overshadowed by Matt and never stood a chance to shine.  There's nothing to shine on Crank.  JJ entertained us with his dumbass reports on his night show.  We enjoyed them because they were an entertaining break from an hour or so of good music.  On the morning show, they've become monotonous and predictable.

Entertainment, today, must be all about taking one extreme story of an individual and generalizing that individual's actions as being representative of everyone in a set group the hosts have decided to hate.  Overly broad generalizations are the norm.  We, at the critics page, really don't understand the entertainment value.  We can say that WZBH has chosen two young, White, male bigots to entertain us. 

Crank is the obnoxious bigot.  What he says today will not be the same thing he says tomorrow, but the overriding message he gets across is that White, heterosexual, male power is the only right way to go. 

JJ is the lovable bigot much like Archie Bunker and George Jefferson were the lovable bigots of the '70's.  Of course, JJ is more like Archie Bunker than George Jefferson, but we have to tell you rednecks, who are good fifty years behind everyone else, that sort of humor has long since become passé.  It just plain ain't funny anymore.

Yeah, we know.  A barrage of hate mail is coming to us for daring to say the rednecks of Delmarva are a good fifty years behind everyone else.  We hate to tell you this, but the three of us at the critics page were born and raised here.  When we were kids, we thought we we're a good thirty years behind everyone else.  As adults, we say, with confidence, we're a good fifty years behind everyone else.  Our concept of the global economy, our pay, and our technological acumen definitely can be described as the way behind category.  But one thing that doesn't fall behind is our understanding of social issues.

Crank and JJ are trying desperately, or maybe not, to be one of the good ol' boys, but fail miserably.  Sure, we all hold our prejudices, but at least we're smart enough to hold them to ourselves and in the company of our like-minded friends.  We're not stupid enough to air our prejudices in a public forum, whether it be here, on an insignificant blog, or boldly on a radio station covering all of Delmarva.  Perhaps, if JJ and Crank were born and raised here, they'd understand that.  Instead, they are the foreigners from the other side of the Bridge treating us like the country bumpkins everyone else outside of Delmarva treats us - and takes advantage of.

What we don't understand is Great Scott Broadcasting Company is a locally owned and operated station, if our research is accurate.  So we'll bypass the two foreign yokels doing the morning show and ask the big wigs - when and why did you decide to look outside of Delmarva for your entertainment personalities and what do you hope to bring to Delmarva that is so different and unique than what is offered on any other radio station by bringing the foreigners in to do your morning show?

All that said, we do congratulate and appreciate the overall change in WZBH's programming.  Even when Matt was part of the morning show, the commercials throughout the day didn't promote a bigoted point of view.  Sarah in the afternoon is a refreshing change from like-minded, young White guys who ruled the airwaves.

Now, if WZBH could only get some born and raised local guys or gals to do the morning show, maybe, just maybe, the morning show would be more entertaining... and maybe connect with more of Delmarva. 


  1. Me: born and raised in sLower DE and think everyone here is a flaming redneck. So what happened to the complete moron Matt? He wanted to be Howard Stern sooooo badly even I could taste it. He can't. He has no talent. But now i see he's on that super redneck, racist, rush limbaugh lovin' station. Did he get fired?

  2. We don't know. While he left the impression that he was fired, two people affiliated with WZBH deny it. One made Matt look worse than we ever did and the other (Matt's wife-to-be)defended her man. We think the truth is probably somewhere in between. You can visit our FaceBook page to read their comments. Our Facebook page is linked in the column on your right.