Friday, June 10, 2011

Wow! Some chick has replaced Chris Steele!

This past week, we have listened to JJ a bit and from him we've learned that Sarah will be replacing Chris Steele, who has left the station.  We applaud WZBH for bringing in someone who isn't just another White, heterosexual, young male.  We really haven't heard much from Sarah, but a few clips we did hear, she sounds like a refreshing change to the normal fare WZBH has been offering. 

Our critic, who listened to the clip between JJ and Sarah, is already in love.  As he put it, she has a sweet voice and she got drunk the Friday before she learned she got the job at WZBH so how could you not love the woman?  The rest of us might not be in love with her, but we are looking forward to what she has to bring the radio waves.

None of us listened to Matt and Crank this week, except for a brief time when I, the critic writing this review, tuned in for a short time.  Matt talked about there being no such thing as human rights and he mumbled on about nonsense.  I turned the radio off in disgust after about three minutes, to the relief of our other critic who was riding with me.  Now we understand why the woman in our group, who used to be able to record the program before her work schedule changed, would, a lot of the times, only listen to one or two segments before calling it quits.

Yes, in the last two weeks, we've learned that profiling people for anything is ok as long as the profiling doesn't unfairly target White, heterosexual, Christian, young males and we've learned that there are no human rights except for those granted by God, which, apparently, are practically none.

Life must be rough when one is a control freak and nothing to control.

We can't wait to hear more from Sarah.  It's a long shot, but two out of the five of us think Sarah will persuade JJ to reconsider his views on marriage and the ideal of commitment.  Our advice to you, Sarah - don't marry him and don't set any of your friends up with him.  Coors Light Brewing Company owns his soul and that's the only commitment he honors.

Oh, and by the way, JJ, Coors Light Brewing Company (i.e. Satan) has a special place for you, in the afterlife.  You'll be stuck neck deep in Coors Light, but every time you bend your head to take a sip of the sweet nectar, the flow will ebb just out of your reach.  And when you look up and see that spicy Italian sausage that goes so well with a Coors Light and quells your hunger, it won't be the spicy Italian sausage you think it is.

Too bad we can't have a nightly Afterlife Dumbass report.  If we could verify the above, it'd be an awesome story!

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