Sunday, September 21, 2014

WZBH sold

Thanks to an anonymous commenter on another post of ours, we learned Great Scott Broadcasting sold a bulk of its stations, including WZBH.  We don't know what that means for the future of "Delmarva's only rock station" nor for the current on air personalities. 

Back on Aug 19, 2010, Matt and Crank aired a particularly offensive show.  The next day, they dared listeners to "go ahead and call the station" to get them fired.  They weren't going to apologize for what they said.

To date, Matt Walsh got fired within the year because he never apologized.  Crank, as Matt's side kick, remained, but he has yet to apologize for his role in that particularly offensive show.  Because ownership of the station has changed, we will not discontinue our reviews of the morning show with Crank no matter what the show ends up being called.  We're still waiting for an apology from Crank, or Crank's dismissal, regardless of who owns the station.

We do hope the new owners will move WZBH in new directions.  Unfortunately, Adams Radio is based in Minnesota so it will remain to be seen how sensitive they are to local programming, promotion, and needs.  For that reason, we will continue our overall reviews of WZBH.

If any execs at Adams Radio are reading this, please consider one of us five drunk rednecks for a position with your company.  Beer money is getting tight down here and we'd appreciate a job offer.

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