Thursday, April 18, 2013

Our predictions for the morning show to air on Apr 18

All three will talk about the Boston Bombing and the latest developments.  They will claim the "dark skinned" suspect is proof the bomber must be Muslim, as the three strongly suggested in today's show, citing the pressure cooker bomb as a favorite for Muslim terrorists to use.  If any have done their homework or a caller calls in and points out that the initial reports were in error, and the suspect is a "White male", the talk will quickly change to how the "mainstream media" can't report anything correctly and misleads the public especially on important news.  Whether they stick with the initial report of a "dark skinned" suspect or accept the "White male suspect", there will definitely be discussion on the ridiculousness of our politically correct society because some people found the "dark skinned" description to be "racially insensitive".  They'll want to know why, when a suspect is described as "White", those same people don't get upset with that racially insensitive description.  Then the discussion will devolve into a free-for-all rant about the hypocrisy of special interest groups, of Black leaders like Jackson and Sharpton, and of the "mainstream" media. 

What they won't talk about is their use of stereotypes today to strongly suggest the bomber must be Muslim and their error is why one shouldn't use stereotypes to opine about anything until all the facts are known.  In fact, they will imply that their jumping to conclusions based on stereotypes and incomplete facts is some how justified.  The "how" they'll justify their comments we won't predict, but they will vaguely explain.

In case there is a time stamp error on this post, we wrote this prediction at just before midnight on Apr 17, 2013.

For those who want the latest facts we could find, WBOCposted a good story on the media frenzy earlier in the afternoon and how CNN, Fox, and the AP were too hasty while the three major networks (CBS, ABC, and NBC) were more cautious in their reporting.

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