Thursday, February 21, 2013

A step backwards in dog poop

Let's see....  In the last two and a half years, WZBH has gone from Matt & Crank; to Crank; to JJ & Crank; to JJ, Crank, & Sarah; to JJ & Sarah; back to JJ, Crank, & Sarah; and now to Crank, Sarah, and some guy.  We don't know who the guy is nor do we care.  (Ok, we do know who he is, but we didn't care about him before The Morning Show, so we won't pretend to care now.)

Out of all their tries, the second try of JJ, Crank, and Sarah was the best.  It even attained a mildly entertaining value despite some blatant hiccups.  At least JJ and Crank acted like a team even if Sarah remained as the token female on the show.  The new lineup is a giant step back landing squarely in dog poop.

Sadly, Sarah retains her token female position.  She's like the classy collie unnoticed by anyone in the room.  Even her own segment, "Tinsel Town Low Down" isn't really hers.  Sarah reads a headline, and a yappy chihuahua, Crank, takes over the story as if he is just full of information.  The bulldog (the other guy we don't care about) tries to push in, but true to a chihuahua's personality, Crank yaps away and dominates as the alpha male. 

The exchanges made each of us say, "Shut the Hell up already."  Can you blame us?  Who likes a yappy dog, especially one who has to throw in at least three umms or uhhs in every yapping sequence?  Something about the squeaky, tenor, almost alto, voice of the chihuahua contrasting with the bulldog's slow, bass voice is, in itself, a comedy act, but it gets old and annoying real fast.

"Yap, yap, umm, yappity yap yap, yap, uhh, yap, yap-yap, yap, umm, yap" followed by "Roof, roof, roof".  Yeah, that's the gist of the show.  Someone throw the collie a milkbone for being  a good little girl and keeping quiet.

The bright side of the new Morning Show?  Given its past record, we should get a new cast of characters in about another four or five months.  Hopefully sooner, not later.

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