Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Shocking, utterly shocking!

The two of the five of us who listened to The Worst Show Ever, this morning, were shocked - not once, but twice.  First, when talking about Manti Te, they questioned why the NFL should need to know Te's sexual orientation because it is illegal to ask a prospective employee any personal question, including their sexual orientation.  Crank, Sarah, and the guy we don't care about (ok, Phoebus - we're starting to care) all agreed the NFL had to be breaking laws wanting to know Te's sexual orientation and supported Te's right to play football regardless of his sexual orientation.

In a later segment, they asked listeners what they thought of Million Mom's call for a boycott of Geico for promoting beastiality.  In prefacing the story, they mentioned Million Mom's other boycotts, including Ellen DeGenres for being lesbian.  Again, all three stepped up to the plate and dismissed the past boycotts and Phoebus went so far as to mildly scold the "homophobes".  Yes, he used the "H" word.

Considering WZBH's, and particularly the Morning Show's, past record of discussing gay topics, we never expected to see a 360-degree turn around in attitudes towards gays and lesbians.  As long as the trend at WZBH is to portray gays and lesbians in a positive, and respectful, manner and continues on a regular basis, the occasional gay joke could be entertaining, or simply in bad taste and not funny.

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