Monday, March 31, 2014

A couple of weeks of twilight zone shake ups

By sheer coincidence - we're sure - after publishing our last review on Friday night (technically Saturday morning) two weekends ago, the following Monday Captain Blue and Doug McKenzie were conspicuously absent.  News of their whereabouts strangely silent.

Neither DJ works at WZBH or Great Scott Broadcasting.  We have not been able to get the scoop on Doug.  He's simply disappeared. 

Captain Blue, however, is apparently taking his band, Captain Blue's Grass Band, on tour.  One of these days, maybe we'll catch his show.

We'll miss both of them, but wish them well on their new endeavors.  Both were true class acts on the radio.  We're positive that their new paths will be rewarding ones.  If we had known they were leaving, we would've offered a farewell review instead of the one they got. 

We tuned The Worst Show Ever in this morning.  To our surprise, only Sarah showed up for work.  We only listened for about an hour but gathered that Crank wouldn't be returning until Wednesday.  No word on where Ian is or when he's coming back.  Sarah supposedly was airing "the best of The Worst Show Ever" clips, but we heard no clips in the hour we listened. 

Please tell us Ian is coming back and Crank has mysteriously disappeared for good then everything will be right in the world.

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