Friday, January 10, 2014

Phoebus leaves radio and sparks fly on the fifth reincarnation of the WSE

What a surprise on Thursday morning's Worst Show Ever.  One of us tuned in and two noticeable changes brought a smile to his face. 

First, the wallflower, Sarah, aggressively challenged Crank's opinions and came into full bloom.  The subject they were discussing was whether or not college football players should be paid.  Our critic wasn't keeping score, but he claimed Sarah won.  All he could tell us was Sarah felt strongly that players should not be paid because they signed a contract and, besides, they're getting a $100K free education...that's pay enough.  She expressed herself the way our critic knew she could.  All he could remember from Crank's side was subtle deferment to Sarah's point of view. 

The second thing he noticed was the absence of Phoebus.  With the lump of clay gone, our critic knew why the wallflower had a chance to bloom.  Flowers wither in clay, but bloom profusely when there's a lot of crap around.  No wonder Sarah came into full bloom Thursday morning.

Doing a little research later that night, we discovered that Phoebus isn't on vacation.  He's left radio to join the coaching staff at World Gym Millsboro.  We wish him the best and advise him to refrain from using his ailing Sylvester the Cat impersonation.  He might get his ass kicked by those much bigger guys we see on the website photo.

Our interest piqued, we all tuned in this morning promptly at six.  Sarah was a little more mellow than how our critic described her performance the previous day, but, yes, finally we all can say that the wallflower is blooming!  Ok, the three guys are grinning ear-to-ear, but the two women only begrudgingly acknowledge that maybe, just maybe, Sarah will blossom into an entertaining morning host show.

Right now, Sarah is a flint spark trying to ignite wet kindling.  Sarah is about ten years younger than Crank and Crank is entering his middle-aged years.  Even though the two more or less agree philosophically (conservative Christian), the age difference alone should ignite sparks to set the show on fire.  At least us three guys are hoping Sarah is the woman we always pictured would be able to body slam Crank to the ground and shut him up.  Wouldn't it be a wonderful show if Sarah sat in the Captain's seat and every time Crank spoke, his thoughts were prefaced with "Permission to speak, ma'am"?

As for reviewing the content of the show, honestly, none of us paid much attention, nor did any of us listen to the whole show.  We all were more interested in the dynamics between Crank and Sarah than we were about what they had to say.  We've seen the spark and we may have to listen more.   From Crank and JJ to Crank, JJ, and Sarah to JJ and Sarah to Crank, Phoebus, and Sarah to Crank and Sarah, maybe WZBH has finally hit a winning formula for the morning show. 

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