Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Sarah should be the star of The Worst Show Ever

Sarah had two of us in stitches this morning.  This morning's "Friend or Foe" segment was about a couple in New York who installed an outdoor shower.  Both Phoebus and Sarah took the "foe" side citing, among other things, that kids, nor anyone, should be exposed to a daily routine of nudity. Crank took the "friend" side and argued that no one except perverts should be spying on the showering neighbors.

Claiming that it is normal for anyone to look, Sarah said, "Women can't help but look when something pops out at them. Yes, Sarah, most women and gay men can't help but to look.

Sarah's passionate defense of a person's natural tendency to look, not just a pervert's tendency, zoomed over Crank's head. Phoebus sort of caught it, but downplayed her comment. It may have taken until commercial break before Sarah realized just how funny her comment was, if she realized it at all.

Sarah should be the star of the show. She's funny without even trying to be.

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