Saturday, October 22, 2011

Listeners are still wasting their time

Dubbed the Worst Show or not, Crank and JJ have chosen the wrong noun to describe what happens in the morning.  "Worst" is debatable, but we object to "Show".  Show implies something memorable.  There's been nothing memorable on the Crank and JJ's show since we last posted a little over a month ago.

"So what warrants this post?" you might ask.  Simple.  Two of our critics listened to two days of rants against male European fashion invading this country.On Thursday, they prefaced the topic with typical sexist remarks of a "real man" works hard and the woman cleans the house.  A "real man" has no need to start wearing women's clothing.

Our two critics brushed the segment off as an exception to their normally innocuous programming (based on what little all five of us actually listen to now-a-days) and reassured themselves Crank's wife and JJ's "significant other" would be thrusting scrub brushes in their hands when they got home as punishment for making such pre-adolescent remarks about women.

But we should've known how insecure little boys really are.  Today, they carried the topic further so they could get some gay bashing time in.  If you're a little boy getting slapped around by your woman for every little thing you say or do is wrong, it is perfectly understandable why you would turn around and lash out at others you erroneously believe you can slap around.

Hard cold facts.  Most people on Delmarva couldn't find Europe on a globe much less know what the latest European fashion is.  In fact, most people on Delmarva don't care where Europe is on a globe much less what the latest fashion trends are.  European fashion trends invading America might warrant a one-liner comment and then move on.  It's a non-issue ranked right up there with Hollywood glamor and what that Chinese gal did while sewing the jeans you're wearing right now.

We're convinced Crank and JJ are not sexist, racist, or homophobic.  We are convinced they are little boys trying to be men.  Real men haven't a clue what the latest fashion trend is, much less what the latest European fashion trend is.  Perhaps if their women weren't slapping them around so much at home, they'd be a little more secure in who they are and what they are doing.  And then maybe Delmarva would be treated to the highest rated "Worst Show" ever recorded.

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