Thursday, September 8, 2011

Another nightly dumbass

Tonight's nightly dumbass is not one, but two people.  Bet you think we're going to name Crank and JJ again, huh?  Nah, that'd be too easy.  Tonight's nightly dumbass, or should we say, dumbasses, are two of our own critics.

Morbid curiosity got the better of them and they decided to tune Crank and JJ in.  They were happy to report that the segment, "Acoustics at eight", has gotten even closer to playing at eight.  At eight-twenty, listeners were treated to a crappy studio song played acoustically crappily. 

But our two dumbasses listened to more than a crappy song.  JJ's daily dumbass was an eighteen-year-old out of Scotland who stabbed his girlfriend to death because she didn't make garlic toast to go with the spaghetti dinner.

Normal, intelligent listeners were probably listening to another station or their CD, but if they happened to be tuned in, no doubt they would fail to see the humor in the tragic story.  The young man probably had serious mental issues, like being bipolar or something, to stab his girlfriend thirty times over garlic toast.  He's certainly not a dumbass by any stretch of the imagination.

Listening on to Crank and JJ's banter, the listener becomes keen to why they would think this murder was worthy of making fun of.  JJ made it quite clear that if your woman doesn't do what she's supposed to do, two black eyes is ok to get her in her place, but murder is not.

Domestic violence and spousal abuse is no laughing matter.   Sure, we know how their defense of their brand of humor would go.  "We made fun of a serious situation to get people talking about these serious issues."

That's the defense being used by a hair salon in Canada for their ad depicting a well dressed man holding diamonds and standing behind a fashionably dressed woman poised on a sofa and flashing a black eye.  The caption reads, "Look good in all you do."  (story)

The owners of the hair salon defend the ad as their attempt to get people talking about a serious subject.  Funny.  Most hair salons design ads to get people to come in and get their hair done.  Instead of people finding the ad thought provoking, they find it insulting and demeaning to women and a wink to the boys who slap their women around.

By the same token, most listeners probably expect Crank and JJ to entertain them on their daily dumbass report with quirky stories of people doing really dumb things that make us laugh.  Killing a young woman is not funny for any reason.  Encouraging spousal abuse and the notion that men should keep their women in line with physical violence, if necessary, is not funny, by any stretch of the imagination.  It also is not an effective method to get people talking about a serious subject.  It is an effective method to convince some listener(s) out there that it's ok to slap their woman around because she's been getting out of hand lately.

Sadly, WZBH chose to air clips of the segment throughout the day to promote the new show.  WZBH must enjoy its reputation of being probably the third most bigoted station on Delmarva.  At least two conservative talk show stations has them beat.  WZBH is trying really hard to steal that title from those two stations.

So how does all this make our two critics the nightly dumbasses?  We've listened enough to know that WZBH may have changed the voices, but the daily doses of bigotry is what WZBH wants to promote.  Today, our two critics held out high hopes that yesterday's programming was a fluke and, instead, learned it only gets worse.  Any dumbass could've figured that out within the first week of The Worse Show Ever with Crank & JJ airing.  Our two critics still aren't convinced that it will only get worse.  The other three of us are.

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