Saturday, May 14, 2011

Homosexuality is blacklisted on WZBH

We caught bits and pieces of programming on WZBH this week.  We've decided that the station is probably being very cautious about what they air as entertainment.  JJ puts on a good show complete with his dumbass reports, but says nothing homophobic.  Chris Steele has dropped "chick" from his vocabulary and now remains nuetral in his comments.  Matt and Crank say a lot of nothing except to whine and complain about how stupid everyone around them are.  Neither one has even hit middle age, but they still sound like two grumpy old men in a nursing home.  All of us at the Critics Page take solace in the fact that we'll all be dead long before Matt and Crank age to real grumpy old men whining and complaining in their nursing home.

We did get another sliver of proof, this week, that either this site, other complaining fans of WZBH, or a combination of both has had an effect on the overall programming tone at WZBH.  On Wednesday, Innae Park delivered her normal news segment and one of the stories included the signing into law a civil union bill for same sex couples in Delaware.  Matt made the comment that the subject was "black listed" from the station so he couldn't voice his opinion other than to say that, if he were allowed to talk about it, he was against it. 

We're sure Matt feels his free speech rights are being infringed upon, but not every idiot should be given the podium to speak his mind just because he can.  Unfortunately, in today's climate of entertainment, idiots are worshipped as Sayers of Truths.  We just can't, for the life of us, figure out who their cult followers are and how corporate gods convince advertisers to pay handsomely so that the idiots can still spew their "truths".

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