Saturday, April 30, 2011

Matt and Crank moonlighting

We've been listening to WZBH for the last couple of weeks, but really there isn't much to review that would stay in line with our stated purpose.  Sure, Matt said "fag", once, but in the context he used the word, we'd be splitting hairs on his intent.   JJ is still drunk and Chris Steele is mellow.  We're out of a job...

...except for our discovery of Matt and Crank's moonlighting behind their employer's back.  Yes, we did some digging and couldn't find any dirt on Matt and Crank.  Ok, we won't mention the underage possession charge citation and, no, we won't say if it was Matt or Crank who is the criminal. rather we will say it was Crank who was cited with the underage possession. Suffice it to say that one he is a criminal and he was over eighteen at the time of his arrest.  Eighteen-year-olds are trusted with M-16's fighting for our country so the "I was just a kid" excuse doesn't cut it.  Now, if he were arrested while serving our country, then the arresting officer would've been the criminal even if the law says otherwise.  But since the criminal decided to shirk his civic responsibility and let his peers fight for his rights while he hides behind a microphone lambasting everyone who appears to be infinging on his rights - he is nothing more than a criminal for drinking under twenty-one.

Back to the moonlighting gig.  Yes, we have found evidence that Matt and Crank have a second job and could probably be considered a conflict of interest by their employer.  The sad part of it is that if they made half the sense on their morning show as they do on their moonlighting job, Matt and Crank on WZBH would actually be entertaining and informative.

(Yes, the clip below is to show we do have a sense of humor and we don't mind ridiculing the two who ridicule everyone else.  And the underage possession charge is not made up)

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