Monday, August 1, 2011

The Critics Page bids farewell to Matt

We learned a couple of hours ago that Matt announced he is leaving WZBH.  He apologized to his fans for the sudden announcement and not being able to do a couple of more shows to say goodbye to his fans because "that wasn't allowed."  He only said he accepted another job offer elsewhere and details would be forthcoming.

It is unclear the direction the Morning Show will now take with the remaining hosts, long time host Crank, and fairly recent hosts Dara and Intern A.  At the Critics Page, we only hope the show will take a more positive direction.

We wish Matt and his fianc√©, Alissa, well wherever they are going.  Because of his sudden departure as well as Chris Steele's departure about a month ago, we apologize for deciding not to release our promised "live interview" with Matt, Crank, Chris Steele, and JJ.  That project and another video project we had been working on is now pointless.

As for The Critics Page's future, we will continue to listen to the show sporadically to see if it will take a new and positive direction.  We would like to archive The Critics Page and move on to other projects.  We thank Matt and Crank for providing us with a wealth of material to write about while we learned the workings of the Internet and media sharing.

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